League Analyzer for Soccer

League Analyzer for Soccer 3.2

League Analyzer for Soccer is the most sophisticated soccer scheduling

League Analyzer for Soccer is the most sophisticated soccer scheduling, league management, tournament and statistics software available in a retail package. Set up any type of league, with any number of teams, players, officials and playing locations. Create sophisticated schedules like those used by MLS.
Main features:
-Set up any soccer league arrangement; from professional leagues like MLS, collegiate-level leagues to minor and recreational leagues.
-Assign any number of teams, players, officials and playing locations to leagues.
-Manage availability of any number of fields in any number of parks; show field usage and availability to optimize how fields are scheduled. As close to facilities management as you can get with league management software.
-Manage any number of seasons; save team and player data and transfer between seasons.
-Import team and player data from any current system or spreadsheet.
-Assign teams to home parks or individual fields with schedules generated based on field availability.
-Rearrange and move teams within the soccer league structure anytime during the season.
-Enter player data and automatically distribute to soccer league teams via automated draft process.
-Assign all players to teams based on age, skill level and positions via drafting facility
-Print season, team, game, field or officials schedules; also print labels for all players, contacts, officials, etc.
-Control invoicing by player or team with a multiple payment function. Complete Invoicing function can print invoices, payment receipts, overdue notices and much more.
-Develop sophisticated soccer schedules like those used by MLS and collegiate leagues with one of the most sophisticated scheduling algorithms in a retail software package.
-Schedule leagues with an even or odd number of teams with divisional, inter-divisional and inter-conference games.
-Generate Exhibition, Regular Season, Playoff and Practice soccer schedules, blending them together into a single master schedule.
-Manually override any aspect of your schedule.
-Print season, team, game, field or officials schedules.
-Assign officials and their schedules against games.
-Create schedules that allow more than one team to practice on a field at a given time.
-Specify home and visiting preferences for any field, ensuring that any match up is played at an optimal location for both home and visiting teams.
-Enter distances and times between fields to minimize travel and ensure teams have enough time to make games from one location to another.
-Specify any day(s) of the week, times of the day or specific calendar dates on which teams are unable to play.
-Allocate teams evenly across different fields and across different times of the day.
-Assign specific game slots prior to the scheduling algorithm automatically creating and allocating games and locations.
-Limit the number of consecutive home and away games.
-Eliminate back-to-back games against the same team.
-Specify a specific time period before playing a game against a previous opponent.

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